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The Haunted School by Sophie P.


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The People of Wonderland by Ezri K.


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Lonesome by Evangeline D.


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The Adventures of Joe Banner by Austin R.


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Rescuers by Kai CG


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The Empty Room by Stella E.


          The Empty Room With Noises   By Stella E


Violet was a spoiled kid. She got everything she wanted, but she was also very nice. One day, Violet wanted to go to the playroom. She walked up to the third floor and dashed in. She started to play, but she noticed something she had never seen before: a door. The door was about three feet tall and three feet wide. At first, she thought it was fake, and she was dreaming but then she decided that she was going to go in. She slowly opened the door and it creaked as if it was a hundred years old. Violet was a tall girl so it was very tight. The tunnel was filled with ash.

Twenty minutes later she saw another door and once she got there she quietly opened it. Write as she opened it something no someone pop out and said “Hiya little girl”

Violet jumped and hit her head on something. She slowly looked up and saw a giant spider. As she looked around she was very confused to find an empty room no people no spiders just an empty room but she still heard lots of noises. She heard groaning and screaming but what scared her the most was that when she looked for the door she saw nothing. Violet screamed for help, but no one answered. Every time she yelled help, the room said “No one can help you now.”

After hours of yelling, Violet finally went to bed. When she woke up, she was sad to find herself still in the empty room, but she was not alone. There were people. She saw a girl and a boy. They looked perfect: the woman had long brown hair, and the man had nice combed blond hair. Violet was so confused. Then the woman said, “Come, Sweety, let’s go back home, and here’s some soup.”

Violet didn’t know what to do, but she listened and got the soup and ate it. As she came toward them, a door appeared, and when she got closer and closer, the door opened. Violet saw a very big house. It looked similar to the White House, and toViolet, it looked bigger. Something that caught her eye was the cars: they were floating. The woman said, “Come here, Violet, let me take you for a walk in the garden.” 

Violet didn’t know what to do, so she said, “Ok.” 

But then, the man said, “Be careful with her, keep her away from it”, something about how he said it made her skin curl. 

“I know, I know,” said the mom, Sassy, “Well come here, Violet, let’s go.”

“Ok,” Said Violet sheepishly, “Let’s go.”

After a while of walking, they finally got to the garden. It was one of the most beautiful gardens she had ever seen. There were all kinds of flowers: roses, tulips, and a flower that she had never seen before. It was a mix of a rose and a tiger it was weird: it had tiger print but in blue and purple. As Violet got closer to the flower,  the mom said, “NO! DON’T TOUCH THAT!” 

Violet quietly said, “Why?” 

“Just don’t.”

”Ok,” Violet said, “S-sorry.”

“It’s fine.” But Violet quietly snuck a few petals. Something just told her that it could help her in the future. Right at that moment, she ran and ran as fast as she could. She saw the door to the room, and as she got there, the mom said, “GET HER!” But Violet was too fast for them. She ran through the door, and it shut behind her. She closed the door and heard a crunch. She was horrified to see the mom’s hand dangling limply as a rag doll, and right as she turned around, she saw the door to her house, but there was a giant lock on it. Violet rushed over and tried to open it, but it just disappeared. 

Violet was so sad. She thought that was the only time she could ever see her family again. Violet curled up on the floor and started to cry. She felt so empty inside. She felt cold. She felt sad. She felt numb. Finally, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When Violet woke up, she saw another door.  She rushed over and opened it. The doorknob was cold and made Violet shiver. When the door was open, she saw something strange. She saw what looked like a queen, and then the queen looked at the girl and said, “Violet! What are you wearing?”

Violet looked at her tee-shirt and jean shorts, “Umm… a tee shirt and shorts.”

“I told you to wear your dress. Alice, go get her dress.” A scrawny girl got up and ran into what looked like a castle. 

“Umm, sorry, Mom? Why do I have to wear a dress?”

“Oh, I haven’t told you. The princes are coming so you can pick a husband.”

“WHAT? I AM ONLY 13 YEARS OLD!” Violet yelled.

The queen looked confused. “Well, you know that’s the marrying age, remember?”

Violet didn’t know what to say, so she just said, “Oh ya, sorry, I forgot.”

After that, Violet needed to find a way out. Again, she saw a garden and was drawn to it. She ran over and grabbed some petals and saw the door. But a guard was standing by,  so Violet started to think about how to get to the door.  After a bit of thinking, she just decided to go for it. She ran so fast that she heard whistling in her ears, and then she slammed the door open and saw a table with places that looked like petal holders. Violet also saw the door. She didn’t know what to do, so she just threw the petals in there, and the door turned golden, and Violet saw it open. Violet was so happy her eyes started to fill with tears. She ran through the door and saw her playroom. Once she got through the door, the door disappeared. She was so happy, so she headed to her bedroom and fell asleep.


                 The End


      About the author 

Stella E is 11 years old and loves to do creepy makeup, and that’s why you see many creepy things in this story. She is in fifth grade and lives in California. When she is older, she either wants to be a scary makeup artist (for movies) or a real estate agent/Interior designer.



Runaways by Phoebe J.


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