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Favorite Sentence by Ezri!


“That dress is hideous! You can’t wear that to the Grand Festival of Spring!” Maggie yelled. 

“I’m a bird tamer, not a ball gown wearer!” Maddie screamed.

Talya, their mom, walked into the room. Her gray eyes had no shine, and the lines under her eyes were as dark as the midnight sky. She wore a dull blue dress that had faded over the years. Her hair, the color of a toasted bagel, was tied up in a sloppy bun.

 “Girls, you do realize that the Grand Festival of Spring is canceled, right?” 

“WHAT!?” Maddie and Maggie both said at the same time.

“The festival’s famous songbird was found missing from his cage,” Talya said.

Caroline Bufkin Sentence study


After the seventh ring of the doorbell, Lucy was in a whole different universe when she heard the doorbell ring so many times by impatient Olivia, She heard the doorbell open and she snapped right back into it and ran to the door.

Claire Tight Sentence Study Practice


After the 8th ring of the doorbell, Amy finally Looked through the tiny, fogged-up peephole, and saw the mad-looking pizza man at the door tapping his foot aggressively on the outdoor welcome rug.

something that I wrote this week that I liked


At the 1000 knock, the neighbor finally answered and told me he was silently asleep.


he tamed a ferox and then teleported to a different biome



The team’s goal is to score as many goals as they can in a certain amount of time.  They have 60 min to score as many goals as they can.  The 60 min is divided into four periods.  They get a     thirty-second break after each period. 

Favorite Conversation By Lincoln



Did you get what I asked for Lucius?



Yes, it’s in this briefcase. 



Can I see It?



Oh yes of course. 



‘Sarcasticly’ Haha very funny Lucius.



What’s so funny?



Oh, so you mean to tell me you didn’t plan on pranking me and giving me a cinnamon roll instead of the suit I asked for.



Huh?  That’s for my son sorry he loves cinnamon rolls and that was the last one in the Workers Lounge so I thought I’d get it for him.



Ok so wheres the suit?



 Oh it must be in my pocket



How did the suit fi—



Not the suit the remote that moves the suit towards us



    Ok that makes much more sense


Heidi’s Free Write: Do You Know Me? 1st Draft


I wonder if I met you before, have you met me? Everyone tells me that they know me or that I look familiar, and the crazy thing about that is everyone who says that, to me I don’t remember meeting! But then one day someone told me something I didn’t know about my past because of a insedent, a big one.

Hi, my name is Lincoln Parma. I am eleven years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, and I love Batman, it is 2010 and I’m still bad at math. My best friend’s name is Alfred isn’t that cool! Well he isn’t really my best friend. He’s a kid in my class that doesn’t know I tell everyone he’s my best friend, but you still think it’s cool right? Never mind that lets just get to the story.


One day I was eating a meatball sub (my favorite) and was zoned out looking at a trash can at an abandoned quilt shop that I go to every day after school. It was a nice sunny day then it started to rain, the scent of flowers in my nose then it turned into dead fish, the sound of blue birds chirping into screaming rats. That’s when I saw her, she was the one that was going to tell me my past but neither me nor her knew it yet, she had dark skin, blue eyes, curly brown hair, and was wearing jeans, a dark green shirt with a flannel and white sneakers.


So without thinking I walked up to her and said “Who are you?” seeing that she was surprised that I said something to her she said “Nikki Harding, who are you?” then I said “Batman, oh sorry not Batman my name is Lincoln Parma” I could tell she was confused, but then she said another thing “Come with me” so without thinking about what my parents told me about following strangers she led me to a bus stop then out of nowhere she stopped then I saw what she saw a man but why did she stop just because she saw a man, after the man left she said these weird words like one of those villains that have secret language, but then


there was this weird glow and then boom we were in a different place it felt and smelled like a place you knew and loved but while I was going through mixed emotions I just said what I had to say “Who are you really were am I who am I!” Then the girl looked me straight in the eyes and said “You are not what you think, I am a WP9O and you are a KHLIMO I don’t know who you are but I do know people want to hurt you and me if you come with me I can take you to a safe place.” “What about my parents and family!” I said then Nikki said “You are putting them in danger by being with them then I said “What if they come looking for me and can’t find me?” 


The next day me and Nikki were walking though this garden that looked like out of a fairytale and she did that stopping thing again where she stopped for no reason but then she started to talk to me and said “Do you know who you are?” So I said “I am a “KHLIMO”.” Then she raised her voice a little and said “I was born on a different planet then I was sent to “TSZ” so I couldn’t be hurt. Who are you?!” Then I said “I don’t know my past but you sort of have that superman vibe because you were born on a different planet right?” next she said to shut up so I did and we kept walking.


Then we found a place to sleep for the night in a cave. It wasn’t comfy but I managed to use a rock as a pillow. Then the next morning I saw Nikki saying those weird words again but this time after she was done saying them, I got up and walked over to her and said “Why do you say those words?” Then seeing that she was giving me the serious “why do you care face I swallowed a lump in my throat with a “Gulp!”  Then she sort of looked sad and then I remembered that girls get depressed easily so I backed off but then out of nowhere she smiles and she says “They aren’t “some words” it is a language that we learn at “TSZ” T:he S:afe Z:one, and what I was saying was, how do I put it, oh like a prayer! But not to a god or goddess my “prayer” is heard by my teachers.”


After days of hiking up, we got to “MOP” or was it “KLQ” who knows but we got there and when we did a man about 70 years old with a long white beard, blue eyes, and a little fat walked up to us and said “OH HELLO! I am so glad you are both safe!” he said in a jolly and happy voice then he said “My name is Bob Riley!”, oh and he isn’t Santa. Then we made our way inside and I couldn’t believe my eyes so I rubbed my eyes like one thousand times until I believed what I saw everything was super high tech and there were floating elevators and tables and stuff like that but I know there has to be some logic behind that. Once we got to our rooms and by the way I can’t even start to explain how cool they are! But after I got settled in I couldn’t stop eyeing the bed so finely once I was done brushing my teeth, taking a shower, and getting my pj’s on that Nikki gave me once I got to my room I fell right to sleep on that big comfy soft bed.


The next morning I felt a little scared because I didn’t know where Bob or Nikki were so I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. But lucky for me Nikki knocked on my door 20 minutes after I woke up, then she asked if I wanted breakfast and after days of eating wild berries and edible flowers I really wanted some real food so I instantly said “YES!”, and for some reason that made her smile so she said “They have giant buffet at the lobby so I intently made my bed brushed my teeth got changed into some close I found in the closet and when I opened the door Nikki was waiting right outside then we took the super cool high tech elevator to the lobby. Once we got to the lobby which takes like 5 seconds because, duh, we took the super cool high tech elevator, and I know I say that a lot but it is the truth. So once we got there my nose was filled with the smell of bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, and more. Then I saw those floating tables and asked Nikki if we could sit there while we eat our breakfast and she said yes so I ran over to a table and was extra careful not to drop my food. While we were in the middle of eating a group of kids a few years older than us walked over to us and looked at Nikki and started to talk to Nikki in the langage Nikki told me about in the cave it seemed they were talking to her in a mean way, but after like 2 minutes of then bullying (well at least I think they were bullying her) Bob Riley broke it up. Then after breakfast which was mostly me eating and trying my cheesy jokes to cheer Nikki up I asked her what they were saying to her.

The Yellow Bike- Mason B


The Yellow Bike 

By Mason

( The paragraph is 100 words, not counting Title, Who it’s by, And this ) 

Driving down the detour, I come across some bikers biking in the middle of the road.

It looked like they were getting ready for a bike race of some sort. I could tell because they were all in yellow jumpsuits with the words Speedie Bee. They also had matching bikes, also In a bright tone of yellow. Then they cut out of the road, into the grass next to an electricity pole. As I slow down, a group of blue-clad bikers. It was a bike race. I was in the middle of it. I knew the detour was a trick!

Maliah’s 100 Word Story “Yellow Bike”


My bike


I have a bike. Like a lot of kids. But I think mine is ugly. It’s worn down and has this really garish green color that gives me the chills. So, I decided to spray paint it yellow. Don’t ask me why yellow is the color I chose. To me, it’s just magical, like lemonade. I LOVE LEMONADE. That’s probably why I chose it as my color. 


I have a bike. Like a lot of kids. And I think mine is beautiful. It looks brand new and has this really poppy yellow color. I love my bike now. 

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