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Lincoln—-Favorite sentence


You wanna play dirty, okay, but I’ll have you know I was wrestling champion three years running at the school my parents bribed my way into. 

A sentence I wrote this week! by Katie


Of course, I had no idea why I felt that way; then Emma snapped me out of my daydreaming.

“You have something on your shirt,” she said, so I looked down, and she flicked her hand up. She laughed at me.

“Wow, real mature,” I told her.

Favorite Sentence Hamish W



It’s my 100th day at sea. There were not a lot of people are as lucky as me, I still have TEETH!

My script for Scene 2 scene: Jim the Hotdog: The Animated Movie



   SCENE 2


A big wide shot of them racing to the docks 

Finally, they get to the docs and there are lights and screams of joy and the roller coaster making noise on the track jim looks at the ride and gives a little shiver they go buy tickets and a guy says 5 dollars a person relish dude get out 10 dollars 


  • Relish dude says 2 kids today ser 
  • The man takes the money and lets them though
  • Relish dude says ya excited Jim 
  • Jim gives a nervous yeah relish dude
  • They get in line and there behind 3 bullies and relish dude stairs at them 
  • 1 of the bullies says what are you looking at nerd 
  • The other bullys gives a chuckle haha yeah nerd 
  • Jim pushes one of the bullies back off guys not cool 
  • One of the bully says let’s get outta here this is lame anyway
  • There are only 3 people left in line and then it’s their turn to go on 
  • Some guy shouts you can’t escape it Jim almost feels that was to him and him only

I’m on a Plane… by Sierra A.


I’m on a plane, not knowing where I’m going. I see my parents and someone named Charli? I ask my parents what is going on, they say we are on a plane to Germany with Charli D’amelio!

Minecraft Perspective, favorite sentences


I then realize I’m stranded. Now I’m running around this Island like a maniac.

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