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Space frog!


She runs outside and goes to the bus stop. She jumps on the bus and puts 4 quarters in the coin slot.

She finds a seat on the bus and waits for her stop.

It almost felt like forever but it had only been 6 minutes.

My favorite sentence I wrote this week


Then I heard a “ting” and Kevin, Mickey, and Leo fell off their chairs onto the floor.

“They’re finally done,” said the gladiator, Leo’s screen showed a dragon, Kevin’s screened showed a _____, and Mickey’s screen showed a Chmira. 

“What are those rankings?” asked the gladiator

“Let me see,” said John as he pulled down a chart, “Dragon rank 4, ___ rank _, Chmira rank 7.”



Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Gracealla. She was nine years old and got EVERYTHING she wanted. Gracealla had a different name she demanded she was called. She wanted to be called Sarah. But make that SAR-AH.

My Favorite Sentence I Wrote



By Kai CG



Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Her name was Maliana (Mal for short). She was 6 years old. She lived in a small house near Evergreen. Evergreen was a kingdom on a planet called Marflmania. Marflmania was ruled by Mal’s best friend. 

Mal’s friend’s name was Queen Charlotte.

Chapter 1: Sunny

When Maliana woke up, the sun was shining through the window. She got dressed and slid down the banister.

“Good morning, Mal!” Mal’s mom said. 

“Morning Mom!” Mal replied.

“What’s for breakfast?”

“French Toast.”

Mal grinned, “My favorite! Can I play in the sunshine after breakfast?” 

“Sure, sweetie.” Mal’s mom replied.

Chapter 2: Storm

After breakfast, Mal dashed outside. She grinned when she saw the beautiful sun. 

“This is how I like my days!” 

Suddenly, the sun disappeared behind some angry clouds. It started to rain, and lightning forked through the sky. Thunder boomed and the sun hid, like the ground on a snowy day.

“Maliana! Come inside!” Mal’s mom yelled. 

But her call was lost in the wind. Mal’s mom closed and locked the door, thinking Mal was inside.

“Mom! I’m not inside!” Mal shouted. 

But her mom couldn’t hear her. 

Mal found a fallen branch and some moss. Looking around, she found several branches. She made them into a tent and draped the moss 

on top. Now she had a tent! Mal crawled into the tent to wait out the storm.


Chapter 3: Rainbow

After what seemed like hours, the storm finally calmed down. 

Mal crawled out of the makeshift tent and dashed to her house. She tested the door and found it was locked. She knocked on the door, and her mom answered it.

“Maliana! You worried me!” She said sternly.

“Mom, you locked me outside,” Mal groaned.


“That’s ok, look at the sky!” Mal said.

They both looked at the sky and a rainbow made the sky more colorful than ever before.



Favorite Scene Written this Week- by Ezri


Lilyan leaned on the wall as she watched her mom prepare diner for the Crowfords, her aunt and uncle. Now Lilyan’s aunt and uncle weren’t the kind of people who you could just make them a microwave meal and they would be happy with it. 

“Mom, have you ever heard of slow and steady?” Lilyan asked her mom right as she slipped on a puddle of oil, dropping her meatloaf. 

“Oh well, I guess I will use the backup chicken,” Lilyan’s mom said, opening the oven. The smell of burned chicken filled the room. 

“You’re going to need candles,” Lilyan said.  

Without saying anything, Lilyan’s mom ran to the fridge and grabbed the turkey. 

“Perfect! A big and delicious turkey” Lilyan’s mom said.

“You should save the turkey for thanksgiving,” Lilyan said. 

“Thanksgiving is three months away!” 

“Exactly! We will have it moldy, like every year!” 

Lilyan knew that they didn’t have enough time to cook a turkey. The only option was microwave meals. 

“I can’t give the Crowfords a slimy and disgusting microwave meal, and we’re all out of fancy food!” Lilyan’s mom said. 

Lilyan didn’t care. She never cared. Until one day, when EVERYTHING changed. But you’ll have to keep reading to find out. 

My favorite sentence of the week! by Katie


It looked like the 3D images were animals, but I couldn’t make out what they were.

Favorite Sentence I wrote by Kai


“I don’t know. Gone, I guess,” Kailana put the bowls on the floor, and walked 

towards the door.

Favorite Paragraph Of The Week by Claire D


Had the heat not been so intolerable, the town of Lake View Grounds wouldn’t have been so quiet. The occasional person walking their dog was the only entertainment Jane Arley had while sitting at home and looking at her ceiling. She would hear the jingling of the leash on the dog and glance outside.

Shades of Red by Jett


 Tree branches whipped against the house, and rain pounded on the tin trash can. She slowly made her way towards the can; the wind was pushing her back, cackling at her, beating her with its icy fists.

By: Phoebe


Any noise was eerily absent, like an unfinished painting being displayed in a gallery.


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