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The knight fights bob the builder- A Revised Action Scene by Julian


 Bob the builder builds a ramp as big as the twin towers were. He climbs up the ramp. He looked like he was about to fall off. Then he jumps off and shoots the gun but he misses. Bob takes cover behind a wall, and then he shoots again but misses again, and gets the shot. He was so happy, but he was afraid for his friend. The knight’s friend is up against Mace. His friend tries to kill Mace, but Mace shoots him before he can even shoot. His friend does not make it out of the gulag alive, but he does.  He is very sad, and he gets released.

By: Phoebe


Any noise was eerily absent, like an unfinished painting being displayed in a gallery.


Moving Day 100 Word Challenge by Claire D


It was finally moving day! I was leaving for my new life and I couldn’t wait. I packed my boxes tight with my belongings and stuffed them until they could burst at any second. Now, the only thing I needed to worry about was how I was going to haul my loads downstairs. I took a look around my bedroom for the last and final time. Then I picked up one of the boxes with the help of my mom. I held it tight, but I was heavier than I expected. When all the loading was done, we were off.

Some Writing I Did this Week: The Knight by Julian


There once was a knight that was forced to duel another knight, and he won, and he was very excited because he had never won a duel before. He loved being a knight because he had lots of friends, but one day his friend was taken to a gulag all the way in Russia. He wanted to save his friend though because that was his only friend. And so he hid in the back of the truck that was taking his friend it worked he was so happy, but now he needed a way to sneak his friend out of there, which was not gonna be easy. He first tried to get his friend’s attention but the driver caught him…

100 word challenge By Austin


Ladies First!

By Austin 

Fiona the Worst always said, ¨Ladies First.¨ If Mr. J brought doughnuts, you heard ¨Ladies first.¨

If there was pizza, Fiona the Worst said ¨Ladies First.” The bus line parted like she was Noah as she shouted: “Ladies First.” Then one time, we went on a field trip to The Grand Canyon; we ran into some cannibals who took us to their master.  He said something weird, and we saw a giant frying pan come out of the kitchen. He yelled “Ooga man Booga shan”. And then, not knowing what was happening, Fiona the Worst said “Ladies First.”

The Beginning of LEVEL UP by Zuri


Hey, Diary. I don’t know why I’m making a digital diary. I mean, it would be so easy to get hacked and the hacker turning this diary into a book or something.  But since I have started typing in it,  I might as well continue. So…my name is Kylie, I am 11 years old, I go to Chestnut private middle school in Chicago, and if I could describe myself in one word, it would have to be Gamer. Yes, yes, I know I made the gamer thing purple. That’s because purple is my favorite color. But back to me being a gamer: I have been gaming before I could talk. After I could talk, I became a really good player. But in the past year or so, I have become a pro. Like, PRO. But I couldn’t have done it without my gaming friends, Sydney and Kyle. We all call ourselves The Gaming Trio. We are so close that I let them on my CoolTube channel sometimes. That’s right Diary, I have an awesome CoolTube channel. It only has about 10 subscribers, though. Come to think of it, CoolTube has not been the most popular lately. But nevermind. I was getting a little sidetracked, so back to the point. I have a mom, a dad, and a sister. Her name is Rebecca, and she is the most annoying person on the planet earth (I have to say earth because there are so many planets like Akarath, Mensafo, and Cokakoe in video games)! But I do love her anyway. That’s everything about me, I guess.

Lily A Story Of A Girl And Her Dog


Chapter 1 (dogs point of view)

It was a stormy night when my mother gave birth to me.  I feel my mother’s giant wet tongue licking me, I also hear soft whines from other things.  It was confusing but I then realized that the ‘things’ were squirming around and bumping into me.  My favorite part was my mother’s warm milk and her soft, giant, soothing tongue.  I feel as if I’m home, with my mom and the ‘things’. I kept hearing a creaking sound and a

‘Clunk clunk’ sound

But I never paid attention to it.

Chapter 2 (girls point of view)

“Olivia! Hurry up we’re gonna be late! My mother screeched from the kitchen. I skidded down the hall in my summer sundress. “Hey, mama!” I said. She always said that it was in the Summer I was the happiest. I believed it. “Can you carry the kennel to the SUV?” Mama asked.  “Why do we need a kennel?” I asked, “ We don’t have any pets.” Our old dog Tucker got lost and never came back, we did everything we could do to find him, but that was a long time ago.  “Are we getting a pet?!” I asked. “Get in the car and you’ll see,” she said.  I sprung out the door and ran to our grey SUV. In one week was my 13th birthday.  I sat in the back of the SUV and buckled my seat. After 5 minutes my mom came in the car.

  We drove for 45 minutes reaching a small ranch by the coast.

I opened my door and hopped out of the car. There were a lot of horses grazing on grass and swishing their tails. “If we’re getting a horse I think we need a bigger kennel,” I said. My mom chuckled “C’mon.” she said. I trailed behind her on a small paved pathway until we reached a small barn.  It was small and it was coated lovelily with a bright red coat of paint and little ducks waddling around a nearby barn.  “ Olivia, this is my friend Ms. Patricia Honeydew, Patricia this Olivia.” My mom said smiling. Ms. Honeydew was tall and wore blue jeans with a purple tee. Then Ms. Honeydew said, “Are you ready to meet them?” “Wait,” I said, “What do you mean?” I asked. I looked at my mom there was a small grin on her face. “Wait you didn’t tell her?!” Ms. Honeydew asked. “I wanted it to be a surprise.” my mom said. 

Chapter 3 (dogs point of view)

When I was two weeks old I opened my eyes the ‘things’ were other puppies like me. Once my brother accidentally pushed me into the food bowl. After that, I was really dirty. Now I stay near mama and keep my distance away from my brothers. One by one my siblings started disappearing, mama was always grumpy when one of my siblings was gone. 

 Two women and a girl walked in, my mama looked sad I ran over to comfort her she licked me and gave me a giant lick. She encouraged me to go to the girl. So I did, I waddled over and started licking the girl’s ankles. The girl scooped me up and then looked me in the eyes. I looked at her back, she also smelled like waffles.

chapter 4 (girls point of view)

I followed my mom inside the barn, with my flip-flops going clop clop.  It was decorated with stringed lights and old-fashioned sofas and weird quotes like ‘Keep your hands on the reins of life.’ that quote had a little picture of a horse. Another one said ‘Don’t  be fooled by a sheep’s wool.’ They were a bit weird but oddly reasonable.  “ Where are my manners!? Please would you like a seat?” Miss. Honeydew asked.  I and my mom sat down on a  lime-green sofa with little yellow flowers on it. “So, I said awkwardly “ What’s up!?” I said still sounding a bit awkward. “Olivia?” my mom asked. “Yes?” I said nervously. Was I in trouble? Was it good news? Was my mom going to yell at me for making her that weird burnt croissant thing I made for her birthday?  “We need to talk,” my mom said her voice was serious and tense. “You know how your father died three months ago?” “And how Tucker ran away?” my mom said, her deep blue eyes looking at me seriously waiting for me to answer. “Yeah,” I mumbled, my dad died in World War Two, He always made me and mom laugh no matter what the situation was he always made somebody smile. He made my mom happy now my mom is grey like one of the grumpy clouds you would see on a cartoon.  My mom was a pretty woman with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, I had dark brown eyes with dirty blonde hair.  “Well you have seemed sad lately, so we’re gonna get you a dog.” my mom said, I mean I’m still sad but my mom is probably the saddest person I have ever known.  My eyes lit up. A dog? What kind of dog? Was it a big one? A small one? Were we going to be best friends forever and always? “Ok,” I said my mom put on a kind, friendly, warm smile.

Heidi’s Free Write


Do You Know Me?…


I wonder if I met you before, have you met me? Everyone tells me that they know me or that I look familiar, and the crazy thing about that is everyone who says that, to me I don’t remember meeting! But then one day someone told me something I didn’t know about my past because of a insedit, a big one.

Hi, my name is Lincoln Parma. I am eleven years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, and I love Batman. My best friend’s name is Alfred isn’t that cool! Well he isn’t really my best friend. He’s a kid in my class that doesn’t know I tell everyone he’s my best friend, but you still think it’s cool right? Never mind that lets just get to the story.

One day I was eating a meatball sub (my favorite). It was a nice day then it started to rain, the smell of flowers in my nose then it turned into a dead fish smell, the sound of birds chirping into screaming rats. Then when I saw her, she was the one that was going to tell me my past but me and her didn’t know it yet, she had dark skin, blue eyes, curly brown hair, and was wearing jeans a dark green shirt with a flannel and white sneakers.

So without thinking I walked up to her and said “Who are you?” seeing that she was surprised that I said something to her she said “Nikki Harding, who are you?” then I said “Batman, oh sorry not Batman my name is Lincoln Clymo” I could tell she was confused, but then she said another thing “Come with me” so without thinking about what my parents told me about following strangers she led me to a bus stop then out of nowhere she stopped then I saw what she saw a man but why did she stop just because she saw a man, after the man left she said these weird words like one of those villains that have secret language, but then

there was this weird glow and then boom we were in a different place it felt and smelled like a place you knew and loved but while I was going through mixed emotions I just said what I had to say “Who are you really were am I who am I!” Then the girl looked me straight in the eyes and said “You are not what you think, I am a WP9O and you are a KHLIMO I don’t know who you are but I do know people want to hurt you and me if you come with me I can take you to a safe place.” “What about my parents and family!” I said then Nikki said “You are putting them in danger by being with them then I said “What if they come looking for me and can’t find me?” 

The next day me and Nikki were walking though this garden that looked like out of a fairytale and she did that stopping thing again where she stopped for no reason but then she started to talk to me and said “Do you know who you are?” So I said “I am a “KHLIMO”.” Then she raised her voice a little and said “I was born on a different planet then I was sent to “TSZ” so I couldn’t be hurt. Who are you?!” Then I said “I don’t know my past but you sort of have that superman vibe because you were born on a different planet right?” next she said to shut up so I did and we kept walking.

Then we found a place to sleep for the night in a cave it wasn’t comfy but I managed to use a rock as a pillow then the next morning I saw Nikki saying those weird words 

Will – Thomas Taylor challenge Part 1


Virtual school was in session when I heard a thank thonk thank thonk! I turn off my video revealing a Grogu picture then look around the room. Still not seeing anything, I feel a swoosh go past my feet. Looking around I see a pink speckled thing. I can’t tell what it is until it looks at me. It’s a pig, or so I think. It had wings, it seemed familiar. I know it was the metal pig, but the metal pig wasn’t a real pig! Then I looked to the shelf where it used to be and nothing was there. I heard the teacher asking me a question and I ran to the computer, mentioning a bad connection, I left the meeting. I grabbed the pig by the tail and put it on my desk I was speaking to it when my mom came in and asked what was going on. I tell her there’s a pig with wings that is moving but when I show the pig he turns back to metal, she looks at me like I’m crazy. She says “get back on the zoom” and with that, she leaves the room.

First Chapter of Zuri’s Story


I woke up on Feb. 8th at 6:00 am. I always have to wake up that early if I want to get to school by 7:30. Ten minutes to get dressed, 5 minutes to do my hair, 45 minutes to eat breakfast, and then 30 minutes to get to school. That is just MY morning routine. My sister has to wake up at 5:30 to finish picking out her clothes and hair style by 6:65 at latest. I don’t really understand that about her, and something about it is annoying. Anyway, that morning when I was eating my chocolate chip pancakes, breaking news came on the TV. I wasn’t listening because news was usually boring. But then my ears heard something shocking. “There has been an outbreak of a never-before-seen virus in China. Scientists are calling this deadly virus covid-19.” said the Channel 8 news reporter. Now that was news you did not hear everyday. A new virus? This reminded me of video games where a virus can automatically destroy all your data. A lot of the world’s common things remind me of video games. I looked back at my mom and she was as glued to the TV as I was. Again, this was not your average news. About an hour later when I got to school, people were talking about what was on the news that morning. I rushed over to my best friend in the whole wide world, Sydney. “Hey Syd! Did you see the news this morning?” I asked. “Yep. Crazy, right? Plus, if I didn’t, I would have found out by now. Everyone is talking about it.” She was right about that. The news was buzzing around like bees. “Ring, Ring!” went the bell that Mrs. Kendall rings when a class is starting. “We should go to math now.” said Sydney. “Oh! I almost forgot. My birthday is in about two months and I was planning on having a small gaming party. Wanna come?” I asked. “Obviously!” said Sydney. “Kyle’s coming too, right?” “Duh! I have to have both of my best friends there.” I said. “KK. We should really go to class now…” “Oh yeah, yeah right! Let’s go.” Diary, I know for a fact that you will not believe what happened one and a half months after that conversion.


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