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The line/paragraph I did this week. The Ghost Girl


              “Geez,” I said in my mind. Then out loud I said, “Wow, you’re a real talker.” Then Layla said, “Hey! I’m only asking how you survived!” I smiled sadly and said, “I didn’t.” She said, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” I said, “it’s fine.” We continued talking until my “friends” asked in a mean voice, “Who are you talking to?!?” “Well-I-um” Layla stuttered. I made an image in my mind of me flickering in and out of sight to my “friends.” It worked! I said “Me.” Tears started streaming down their cheeks. Some of them whispered “Samantha?” I decided to vanish, only to my “friend’s” sight which means Layla can still see me.

               I followed Layla when she was heading to class and heard the other students were whispering.

“Have you heard of that girl, Layla?” “They say there’s a ghost haunting her!” “She cursed!”

Layla went to her seat then put her hood on. She seemed lonely then I said, “You don’t have to be lonely, you’re with me.” She smiled and said, “Thank you, Samantha.”

Favorite Conversation by Lincoln (from Stop Motion script)



Did you get what I asked for Lucius?



Yes it’s in this briefcase. 



Can I see It?



Oh yes of course. 



‘Sarcasticly’ Haha very funny Lucius.



What’s so funny?



Oh so you mean to tell me you didn’t plan on pranking me and giving me a cinnamon roll instead of the suit I asked for.



Huh?  That’s for my son sorry he loves cinnamon rolls and that was the last one in the Workers Lounge so I thought I’d get it for him.



Ok so wheres the suit?



 Oh it must be in my pocket



How did the suit fi—



Not the suit the remote that moves the suit towards us


Favorite Scene Written this Week- by Ezri


Lilyan leaned on the wall as she watched her mom prepare diner for the Crowfords, her aunt and uncle. Now Lilyan’s aunt and uncle weren’t the kind of people who you could just make them a microwave meal and they would be happy with it. 

“Mom, have you ever heard of slow and steady?” Lilyan asked her mom right as she slipped on a puddle of oil, dropping her meatloaf. 

“Oh well, I guess I will use the backup chicken,” Lilyan’s mom said, opening the oven. The smell of burned chicken filled the room. 

“You’re going to need candles,” Lilyan said.  

Without saying anything, Lilyan’s mom ran to the fridge and grabbed the turkey. 

“Perfect! A big and delicious turkey” Lilyan’s mom said.

“You should save the turkey for thanksgiving,” Lilyan said. 

“Thanksgiving is three months away!” 

“Exactly! We will have it moldy, like every year!” 

Lilyan knew that they didn’t have enough time to cook a turkey. The only option was microwave meals. 

“I can’t give the Crowfords a slimy and disgusting microwave meal, and we’re all out of fancy food!” Lilyan’s mom said. 

Lilyan didn’t care. She never cared. Until one day, when EVERYTHING changed. But you’ll have to keep reading to find out. 

a bit of “The Bunny in the Woods.” by Maliah


Carmelita or Carmel Valandez was a girl who lived on a farm. She was used to feeding the piglets and drawing the bunnies that hopped around in their big pen. She lived in Soledad, a humid area. She had a big family. Mami and Papa were her parents, Emilio, and Cruz were her brothers, and Sophia was her sister. Her Uncle Guillermo, or “William” was in a mariachi who would always come home with his bandmates and a bag full of empanadas, while her aunt Luisa would kiss William goodbye, and then spend the rest of the day with the goats, especially the baby goat, Vanita. Tia Rosa would eat all the food, and Tia Anita would try to tell her to wait till dinner, so Tia Rosa would go to a gas station and eat donut balls, scaring all the gangsters away with her loud yelling.

The Rock by Emory


The Rock

By Emory Bates

I was walking on the beach and there were a lot of rocks on the beach. I saw one rock that had something shining in it. So I decided to look at it some more. Then I saw that the part that was shining was loose from the rest of the rock. So I pulled it out of the big rock, and sure enough, it was a big shiny crystal! It was purple, and the rock on the outside was grey and ugly. I took the crystal home to look at it closer. Then when I started to look at it under a microscope, it came to me. It started to not look like a crystal anymore. It had red flakes of what looked like metal. So I started reading all the books about crystals I could find. Then I found a whole chapter in one of the books called “The Legend” It said: “A long, long, time ago, there was a scuba diver, who was diving in the Monterey kelp forest. And he believed that he saw a shining crystal that had gold specials coming out of it.” The book read, “The man claimed in the local newspaper that it was more than just a crystal, it would grant you wishes. Very few people believed this was true. Then one day after his discovery, a tsunami hit. After the tsunami, the man went out to sea with a research team to convince them it was real. They went to the same spot the man said he found the crystal, and sure enough, it was gone. So to that point on, people believed that the tsunami washed up the crystal on the beaches of Monterey.” I looked at the picture in the book and the crystal looked exactly like mine! The next day I took the crystal to the museum because they had a rock exhibit, and I wanted them to see if it was the crystal that would grant you three wishes. I asked the lady who was working there about the crystal, “It’s just a silly legend that is not real.” she said. “But I really think this is the crystal!” I said with excitement. “Sorry, but it’s just a pretty rock, with no powers, sorry.” The lady said. I left the museum. Even though she said it was not real, I still believe it is real. So I went home and said to the crystal, “Crystal, I wish for… a… stuffed bear!” Then the crystal started glowing, and then it floated out of my hands, and… poof! The little stuffed bear appeared with a little blue bow around its neck. So perhaps, it is true, the crystal will grant me wishes.

2079- First Draft by Alex



In a city called the grease pit in 2079, a boy named Devin beck is living in a world of rich and the poor Devin was on the poor side of the city grease pit 

And there is nothing for him except his treehouse and his dog Bacon 

There’s barely any food or water for the poor side of this town because of the rich. they took everything from the grease pit and took it up to their giant towers to survive and there is a dam at the ocean and took all of our water

And it’s because of doctor moneybags the richest of them all he created an app on everyone’s phone called surge it was an app that controlled everything and when it was released it changed everything it was controlling you telling you what to do and it started taking lives away from people and families. Devin lost his sister to surge he never saw her again 

That’s why Devin wants revenge.

First draft of chapter 2 of The Ancient Lamp by Will


By the time she leaves, school is over, so I can investigate what is going on. The pig is gone, he escaped, I don’t know how and where but he is no where to be seen. I go and look and find nothing, I think taking a rest would be a good thing right now. I lay down on the sofa when I hear an “oink!” And sure enough on top of me is the pig. The pig with wings jumps on me and I say ”what are you doing!” , He responds with an Oink and points his tiny little foot over to my lamp, I say “what?”. He just oinks. I go over to look at the lamp when I look inside, there is one of my stuffy’s in it. I reach in but the stuffy is in deeper than my arms can go so I get a stool to lean into it but when I do I fall in.

Favorite Paragraph Of The Week by Claire D


Had the heat not been so intolerable, the town of Lake View Grounds wouldn’t have been so quiet. The occasional person walking their dog was the only entertainment Jane Arley had while sitting at home and looking at her ceiling. She would hear the jingling of the leash on the dog and glance outside.

Bob And Bill (Part One)- A Draft by Ginger


One Morning When It is still dark, A family Goes On a journey by airplane. They Are going to visit A new baby. But the plane Wouldn’t take off! The Plane Was Stuck. Finally It Is Moving. When They got there they met the baby. The Babies Name was Bill Nye. The Year Was 1955 November 27. The Babies Older Brother Was Bob Ross. The Reason He Had A different last name was because He Was Adopted. Bob Was Born On October 29, 1942. When Bill Grew Up He Was Very Envious Of Of Bob. So He decided To run away. Bob Was Sad When Bill Ran Away. But he kept making paintings. When Bill Had Ran Away he needed a place to live. He found a motel and he started to do science. And that is how Bill Nye The Science Guy formed his life.

Octopod Prolog By Harry H


Hi, My name is Jack, one very ordinary 12-year-old boy, that is BEFORE I met him.

Now you might be wondering who him is, and honestly, I don’t know myself, all I know is that I am very very VERY surprised one morning I walk into my bathroom and find a TALKING OCTOPUS IN MY SINK!

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