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Destroyed by Eva


I scurried out of the house, ready to ride my new bike for the first time. Well, it’s not exactly my bike, but I borrowed it. My neighbor Percy specifically told me not to lose it, but I would never do that! I put on my helmet and rode into the woods. I was having a wonderful time! Suddenly, I saw a man creeping out of the bushes, and he took my bike! I ran after him, and when I found the bike, it was tied up to a tree and painted yellow. The bike was ruined!

100 Word Challenge by Claire T


When it just wouldn’t take off.

                                    By: Claire T

  ( This is a fiction story)

The Nasa faculty has been working on the take off for many years. Five…. Four……

Three….. Two…….. One….. BLAST  What!?! It just wouldn’t take off!

Every single engine was working ,but it wouldn’t take off. So they put more power in the rocket ship, and then they re-counted  Five….. Four….. Three….. Two…. One…..

AGAIN?!? It didn’t even move one little Bit! Nasa was bummed, but they did not give up. It just wouldn’t take off, though. They did it over and over and over but still nothing. But after all, it was worth a try, but things definitely did not work.

100 Word Challenge by Katie W


When it just wouldn’t take off I smashed it on the floor in out rage. After a few days I put it back together. It was better then ever! The wings were right, the shape was aerodynamic, I painted it my favorite color, and my toys could get inside. I didn’t want it to break so I placed it on


100 Word Challenge by Stella E


100th Day of School By Austin


100 Word Challenge by Gabi T


Once there was a girl named Eleanor and it was her birthday. Eleanor was turning 16, she got flowers, nail polish, a balloon, a dress, and gift cards. Normally when it’s her birthday she gets a balloon, makes a wish after dinner, and lets it go. This time when she let it go it wouldn’t budge. This never happened before so she kicked the balloon hoping it would gracefully fly into the nice setting sky. She went inside and sat on the cozy brown couch in front of the warm fireplace. She went to bed and had a frightening dream.

100 Word Challenge by Phoebe


The steep cliff overlooked a few small dwellings, lacking enough to be considered a town. It was a seaside neighborhood with adorable cottages. The cottages were surrounded by a large meadow of flowers. Seeing the small houses made Jonova feel ill knowing what she had to do. Jonova walked down to the bottom of the hill she was on and pulled out a lighter. It burned. The whole neighborhood. Burned. She ran to the car left for her and hopped in. It didn’t turn on.

When it just wouldn’t start, Jonova realized her life had come to a bittersweet end.

100 Word Challenge by Claire D


Abby, a 16-year-old girl, learned how to drive today. Her mom taught her the basics of driving. Abby used her parent’s car and promised them she wouldn’t scratch it.

Abby stuck the car keys in the ignition and the car started! When it just wouldn’t take off, Abby realized she was parked and then shifted the car into gear. Abby’s mom got in the passenger seat and directed her to back out of the driveway.

“Now, Abby, push the gas pedal and make sure you hang onto the wheel,” her mom said.

“Alright! I think I got this!” Abby said.


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