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Moving Day 100 Word Challenge by Claire D


It was finally moving day! I was leaving for my new life and I couldn’t wait. I packed my boxes tight with my belongings and stuffed them until they could burst at any second. Now, the only thing I needed to worry about was how I was going to haul my loads downstairs. I took a look around my bedroom for the last and final time. Then I picked up one of the boxes with the help of my mom. I held it tight, but I was heavier than I expected. When all the loading was done, we were off.

100 word challenge By Austin


Ladies First!

By Austin 

Fiona the Worst always said, ¨Ladies First.¨ If Mr. J brought doughnuts, you heard ¨Ladies first.¨

If there was pizza, Fiona the Worst said ¨Ladies First.” The bus line parted like she was Noah as she shouted: “Ladies First.” Then one time, we went on a field trip to The Grand Canyon; we ran into some cannibals who took us to their master.  He said something weird, and we saw a giant frying pan come out of the kitchen. He yelled “Ooga man Booga shan”. And then, not knowing what was happening, Fiona the Worst said “Ladies First.”

Phoebe’s “but it was heavier than I thought” 100 word challenge


And then it went white. I forgot everything I knew. My eyes focused and I noticed I was laying on a cloud. You would think that it would be light and fluffy but it was surprisingly damp and warm like someone had wrapped me in a moist towel. The only other thing I could see in the clouds was a white pedestal. On that pedestal lay a feather. The feather was a soft, almost pastel, rainbow. It radiated a sense of safety and reassurance. I walked over to the feather cautiously and picked it up, but it was heavier than I thought. It felt as if I had just picked up a mountain, so much so that I fell from the clouds.

100 Word Challenge By Stell E


One day, Violet was sitting on the beach when she saw the fin of a dolphin, its tail sleek and shiny. Fascinated, she dove into the clear water. She swam up to the dolphin, and it went under, so she went under. She went down so far. Violet needed to breathe, but she couldn’t. Violet held on to the dolphin, and it brought her deep. Then all a sudden, she could breathe. She was in a kingdom. The dolphin swam away, but she was so flabbergasted. She started to swim down to what looked like a coffee shop. The End.

100 Word Challenge By Austin Rider



By Austin Rider

This morning my dad gave me a dollar coin and boy was I happy.  I took that coin to Mrs. Harper, who gave me two quarters for it; after all, 2 is more than 1.  Then I took my 2 quarters, and Mr. Gardner gave 3 nickels; after all, 3 is more than 2.  Then I took my 3 nickels, and Joey gave me 4 pennies for ’em, after all, 4 is more than 3.  Then I took them to my dad, and he looked at me, his face all cherry red, too proud to speak. 

The Yellow Bike – 100 word poem – By Mason Braiker


The Yellow Bike 

By Mason Braiker

( The paragraph is 100 words, not counting Title, Who it’s by, And this ) 

Driving down the detour, I come across some bikers biking in the middle of the road.

It looked like they were getting ready for a bike race of some sort. I could tell because they were all in yellow jumpsuits with the words Speedie Bee. They also had matching bikes, also In a bright tone of yellow. Then they cut out of the road, into the grass next to an electricity pole. As I slow down, a group of blue-clad bikers. It was a bike race. I was in the middle of it. I knew the detour was a trick!

100 word challenge Stan’s Story by Harry H


Stanley the dog lived with a family who was mean to him. He did once destroy their door, but they did much worse things to him.

One day, a fire started in town and the family evacuated. They took Stanley with them but had their car windows open, so when Stanley saw his chance, he jumped out!

He was hurt badly and lived on the side of a swamp.  He was starving to death when finally, somebody found him and took him to the animal shelter.  Luckily, after six weeks, some nice people adopted him.  Now he is happy.

100 Word Challenge by Emma T


The Yellow Bicycle


Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her name is Bella. Bella was turning 7 in one week. The one thing she wanted more than anything, a yellow bicycle. One week later she got her fantastic yellow bike. She rode it every day. She rode it to her playdates and to the park and everywhere she went. After her birthday her parents surprised her and booked hotels to Disneyland. They packed up their bags and left three days later. They were driving there and on one-stop Bella rode her bike and crashed into a tree. Bella survived. 

100 Word Challenge by Claire D


As the morning light flooded the streets, a strange sight was waiting. A  yellow bike lay standing against a tree. A zip tie held it close and kept it from going anywhere. I wasn’t sure who put it there, but they sure did have a strange way of racking their bike! A normal day lay ahead of us; however, the bike threw me off track a bit and made the normalness of the day feel wacky. The birds even seemed to think it was strange. What a sight! A bike held up against a tree, not a normal one bit

100 Word Challenge By Phoebe J



“No one knows exactly what happened to Paris Baxton. She was never found. All that was left was her bright yellow bike, abandoned in the woods. Nothing else. It’s rumored that you can still hear her screams at night. 

She was a sweet girl. Always did as she was asked. Never asked questions.”

“That could be your legacy, Paris. Just a mysterious disappearance.” The dark cave made every little sound the man said echo throughout. “Or you could give it to me.”

“No.” Paris clarified for the despicable man.

“It’s more important than my life.”

The man growled.

“So be it.”


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