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By: Phoebe


Any noise was eerily absent, like an unfinished painting being displayed in a gallery.  

Phoebe’s “but it was heavier than I thought” 100 word challenge


And then it went white. I forgot everything I knew. My eyes focused and I noticed I was laying on a cloud. You would think that it would be light and fluffy but it was surprisingly damp and warm like someone had wrapped me in a moist towel. The only other thing I could see […]

100 Word Challenge By Phoebe J


  “No one knows exactly what happened to Paris Baxton. She was never found. All that was left was her bright yellow bike, abandoned in the woods. Nothing else. It’s rumored that you can still hear her screams at night.  She was a sweet girl. Always did as she was asked. Never asked questions.” “That […]

100 Word Challenge by Phoebe


The steep cliff overlooked a few small dwellings, lacking enough to be considered a town. It was a seaside neighborhood with adorable cottages. The cottages were surrounded by a large meadow of flowers. Seeing the small houses made Jonova feel ill knowing what she had to do. Jonova walked down to the bottom of the […]

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