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a bit of “The Bunny in the Woods.” by Maliah


Carmelita or Carmel Valandez was a girl who lived on a farm. She was used to feeding the piglets and drawing the bunnies that hopped around in their big pen. She lived in Soledad, a humid area. She had a big family. Mami and Papa were her parents, Emilio, and Cruz were her brothers, and […]

Maliah’s 100 Word Story “Yellow Bike”


My bike   I have a bike. Like a lot of kids. But I think mine is ugly. It’s worn down and has this really garish green color that gives me the chills. So, I decided to spray paint it yellow. Don’t ask me why yellow is the color I chose. To me, it’s just […]

The Jabberwock Inn by Maliah


The Jabberwock  Inn   Christmas was coming very soon and Jia had a bucket-full of presents in her arms. Her fingers were as white as the snow. While she walked, she thought about what to get Gibson, a small corgi for Christmas. Gibson hopped in front of Jia and sped off.  Jia giggled, almost dropping […]

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