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My favorite sentence I wrote this week


Then I heard a “ting” and Kevin, Mickey, and Leo fell off their chairs onto the floor. “They’re finally done,” said the gladiator, Leo’s screen showed a dragon, Kevin’s screened showed a _____, and Mickey’s screen showed a Chmira.  “What are those rankings?” asked the gladiator “Let me see,” said John as he pulled down […]

My favorite sentence of the week! by Katie


It looked like the 3D images were animals, but I couldn’t make out what they were.

A sentence I wrote this week! by Katie


Of course, I had no idea why I felt that way; then Emma snapped me out of my daydreaming. “You have something on your shirt,” she said, so I looked down, and she flicked her hand up. She laughed at me. “Wow, real mature,” I told her.

100 Word Challenge by Katie W


When it just wouldn’t take off I smashed it on the floor in out rage. After a few days I put it back together. It was better then ever! The wings were right, the shape was aerodynamic, I painted it my favorite color, and my toys could get inside. I didn’t want it to break […]

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