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Favorite Sentence by Ezri!


“That dress is hideous! You can’t wear that to the Grand Festival of Spring!” Maggie yelled.  “I’m a bird tamer, not a ball gown wearer!” Maddie screamed. Talya, their mom, walked into the room. Her gray eyes had no shine, and the lines under her eyes were as dark as the midnight sky. She wore […]

Favorite Scene Written this Week- by Ezri


Lilyan leaned on the wall as she watched her mom prepare diner for the Crowfords, her aunt and uncle. Now Lilyan’s aunt and uncle weren’t the kind of people who you could just make them a microwave meal and they would be happy with it.  “Mom, have you ever heard of slow and steady?” Lilyan […]

Favorite Sentence By Ezri K!


When she knocked on the door, the noise was so loud that it made trees snap. An old man, wearing a red wizard hat, opened the door and said, “You know, you knock loud for a grasshopper,”

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