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Favorite Paragraph Of The Week by Claire D


Had the heat not been so intolerable, the town of Lake View Grounds wouldn’t have been so quiet. The occasional person walking their dog was the only entertainment Jane Arley had while sitting at home and looking at her ceiling. She would hear the jingling of the leash on the dog and glance outside.

Moving Day 100 Word Challenge by Claire D


It was finally moving day! I was leaving for my new life and I couldn’t wait. I packed my boxes tight with my belongings and stuffed them until they could burst at any second. Now, the only thing I needed to worry about was how I was going to haul my loads downstairs. I took […]

100 Word Challenge by Claire D


As the morning light flooded the streets, a strange sight was waiting. A  yellow bike lay standing against a tree. A zip tie held it close and kept it from going anywhere. I wasn’t sure who put it there, but they sure did have a strange way of racking their bike! A normal day lay […]

100 Word Challenge by Claire D


Abby, a 16-year-old girl, learned how to drive today. Her mom taught her the basics of driving. Abby used her parent’s car and promised them she wouldn’t scratch it. Abby stuck the car keys in the ignition and the car started! When it just wouldn’t take off, Abby realized she was parked and then shifted […]

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