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100 word challenge By Austin


Ladies First! By Austin  Fiona the Worst always said, ¨Ladies First.¨ If Mr. J brought doughnuts, you heard ¨Ladies first.¨ If there was pizza, Fiona the Worst said ¨Ladies First.” The bus line parted like she was Noah as she shouted: “Ladies First.” Then one time, we went on a field trip to The Grand […]

100 Word Challenge By Austin Rider


Coins By Austin Rider This morning my dad gave me a dollar coin and boy was I happy.  I took that coin to Mrs. Harper, who gave me two quarters for it; after all, 2 is more than 1.  Then I took my 2 quarters, and Mr. Gardner gave 3 nickels; after all, 3 is […]

100th Day of School By Austin


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