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2079- First Draft by Alex


                           In a city called the grease pit in 2079, a boy named Devin beck is living in a world of rich and the poor Devin was on the poor side of the city grease pit  And there is nothing for him except his treehouse and his dog Bacon  There’s barely any food […]

My script for Scene 2 scene: Jim the Hotdog: The Animated Movie


     SCENE 2   A big wide shot of them racing to the docks  Finally, they get to the docs and there are lights and screams of joy and the roller coaster making noise on the track jim looks at the ride and gives a little shiver they go buy tickets and a guy says […]

The Man with a Cap by Alex M


Every day, when I’m on a bus, I see a fairly strange man (who sits in the back of the bus) with a small-cap that was pure black. I don’t mind him, but one day, he had a red cap on, so when he walked out of the bus, I silently followed him until he […]

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