The First Day by Elena

“It’s almost time!” My mom yelled. “Ok” I said in a shaky voice. I checked my backpack like 5 times to make sure I had everything I needed.

On the sixth time checking my backpack, my mom got up from her chair and said, 

“Hey kiddo, we gotta go!”

“Coming!” I said

We got into the car and drove off.

It felt like forever, but we finally got there. Adrenalyn pulsing through my body, and my hands trembling, I ran up and down the unfamiliar hallways, passing a sea of backpacks as I tried to find the classroom. It was probably one of the most intense, yet exciting moments of my life. A couple minutes later, I found myself in my first-period class, English in room 5. The classroom was filled with stuff like books, pencils, clocks, and STICKY NOTES. My teacher must have loved sticky notes because they were EVERYWHERE. 

We started working on an assignment on the computer, but I’m not great with computers, and I got frustrated. My face flushed red like a tomato. I clenched my hand into a fist, and hit the trackpad on my computer, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard…

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