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Favorite Scene Written this Week- by Ezri


Lilyan leaned on the wall as she watched her mom prepare diner for the Crowfords, her aunt and uncle. Now Lilyan’s aunt and uncle weren’t the kind of people who you could just make them a microwave meal and they would be happy with it. 

“Mom, have you ever heard of slow and steady?” Lilyan asked her mom right as she slipped on a puddle of oil, dropping her meatloaf. 

“Oh well, I guess I will use the backup chicken,” Lilyan’s mom said, opening the oven. The smell of burned chicken filled the room. 

“You’re going to need candles,” Lilyan said.  

Without saying anything, Lilyan’s mom ran to the fridge and grabbed the turkey. 

“Perfect! A big and delicious turkey” Lilyan’s mom said.

“You should save the turkey for thanksgiving,” Lilyan said. 

“Thanksgiving is three months away!” 

“Exactly! We will have it moldy, like every year!” 

Lilyan knew that they didn’t have enough time to cook a turkey. The only option was microwave meals. 

“I can’t give the Crowfords a slimy and disgusting microwave meal, and we’re all out of fancy food!” Lilyan’s mom said. 

Lilyan didn’t care. She never cared. Until one day, when EVERYTHING changed. But you’ll have to keep reading to find out. 

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