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The Rock by Emory


The Rock

By Emory Bates

I was walking on the beach and there were a lot of rocks on the beach. I saw one rock that had something shining in it. So I decided to look at it some more. Then I saw that the part that was shining was loose from the rest of the rock. So I pulled it out of the big rock, and sure enough, it was a big shiny crystal! It was purple, and the rock on the outside was grey and ugly. I took the crystal home to look at it closer. Then when I started to look at it under a microscope, it came to me. It started to not look like a crystal anymore. It had red flakes of what looked like metal. So I started reading all the books about crystals I could find. Then I found a whole chapter in one of the books called “The Legend” It said: “A long, long, time ago, there was a scuba diver, who was diving in the Monterey kelp forest. And he believed that he saw a shining crystal that had gold specials coming out of it.” The book read, “The man claimed in the local newspaper that it was more than just a crystal, it would grant you wishes. Very few people believed this was true. Then one day after his discovery, a tsunami hit. After the tsunami, the man went out to sea with a research team to convince them it was real. They went to the same spot the man said he found the crystal, and sure enough, it was gone. So to that point on, people believed that the tsunami washed up the crystal on the beaches of Monterey.” I looked at the picture in the book and the crystal looked exactly like mine! The next day I took the crystal to the museum because they had a rock exhibit, and I wanted them to see if it was the crystal that would grant you three wishes. I asked the lady who was working there about the crystal, “It’s just a silly legend that is not real.” she said. “But I really think this is the crystal!” I said with excitement. “Sorry, but it’s just a pretty rock, with no powers, sorry.” The lady said. I left the museum. Even though she said it was not real, I still believe it is real. So I went home and said to the crystal, “Crystal, I wish for… a… stuffed bear!” Then the crystal started glowing, and then it floated out of my hands, and… poof! The little stuffed bear appeared with a little blue bow around its neck. So perhaps, it is true, the crystal will grant me wishes.

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