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First draft of chapter 2 of The Ancient Lamp by Will


By the time she leaves, school is over, so I can investigate what is going on. The pig is gone, he escaped, I don’t know how and where but he is no where to be seen. I go and look and find nothing, I think taking a rest would be a good thing right now. I lay down on the sofa when I hear an “oink!” And sure enough on top of me is the pig. The pig with wings jumps on me and I say ”what are you doing!” , He responds with an Oink and points his tiny little foot over to my lamp, I say “what?”. He just oinks. I go over to look at the lamp when I look inside, there is one of my stuffy’s in it. I reach in but the stuffy is in deeper than my arms can go so I get a stool to lean into it but when I do I fall in.

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