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Bob And Bill (Part One)- A Draft by Ginger


One Morning When It is still dark, A family Goes On a journey by airplane. They Are going to visit A new baby. But the plane Wouldn’t take off! The Plane Was Stuck. Finally It Is Moving. When They got there they met the baby. The Babies Name was Bill Nye. The Year Was 1955 November 27. The Babies Older Brother Was Bob Ross. The Reason He Had A different last name was because He Was Adopted. Bob Was Born On October 29, 1942. When Bill Grew Up He Was Very Envious Of Of Bob. So He decided To run away. Bob Was Sad When Bill Ran Away. But he kept making paintings. When Bill Had Ran Away he needed a place to live. He found a motel and he started to do science. And that is how Bill Nye The Science Guy formed his life.

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