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a bit of “The Bunny in the Woods.” by Maliah


Carmelita or Carmel Valandez was a girl who lived on a farm. She was used to feeding the piglets and drawing the bunnies that hopped around in their big pen. She lived in Soledad, a humid area. She had a big family. Mami and Papa were her parents, Emilio, and Cruz were her brothers, and Sophia was her sister. Her Uncle Guillermo, or “William” was in a mariachi who would always come home with his bandmates and a bag full of empanadas, while her aunt Luisa would kiss William goodbye, and then spend the rest of the day with the goats, especially the baby goat, Vanita. Tia Rosa would eat all the food, and Tia Anita would try to tell her to wait till dinner, so Tia Rosa would go to a gas station and eat donut balls, scaring all the gangsters away with her loud yelling.

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