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2079- First Draft by Alex



In a city called the grease pit in 2079, a boy named Devin beck is living in a world of rich and the poor Devin was on the poor side of the city grease pit 

And there is nothing for him except his treehouse and his dog Bacon 

There’s barely any food or water for the poor side of this town because of the rich. they took everything from the grease pit and took it up to their giant towers to survive and there is a dam at the ocean and took all of our water

And it’s because of doctor moneybags the richest of them all he created an app on everyone’s phone called surge it was an app that controlled everything and when it was released it changed everything it was controlling you telling you what to do and it started taking lives away from people and families. Devin lost his sister to surge he never saw her again 

That’s why Devin wants revenge.

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