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Maliah’s 100 Word Story “Yellow Bike”


My bike


I have a bike. Like a lot of kids. But I think mine is ugly. It’s worn down and has this really garish green color that gives me the chills. So, I decided to spray paint it yellow. Don’t ask me why yellow is the color I chose. To me, it’s just magical, like lemonade. I LOVE LEMONADE. That’s probably why I chose it as my color. 


I have a bike. Like a lot of kids. And I think mine is beautiful. It looks brand new and has this really poppy yellow color. I love my bike now. 

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“Maliah’s 100 Word Story “Yellow Bike””

  1. February 16th, 2021 at 10:12 am      Reply Cath (Team100, Melbourne, Australia) Says:

    Hello! I really like how you have made this such a personal story. I also think it is great how you made a positive out of a negative by painting the bike. The simile (lemonade) worked really well. Terrific writing.

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