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The Magical Cat by Fuyu M.



Hello! I would like to tell you a story about a girl and a cat. Whenever Lucy was walking back from school, she would try to feed the cats. But they would scratch her and bite her, so she started to hate cats. One day when she was walking back from school, she started to throw rocks at the cats, but then this black cat stunned her. The next thing she knew, she was getting dragged by the cat into a big and bright forest. She was shocked at the sight she was seeing. She thought this would be stupid to ask what was going on, but she did so.
“Um.. little cat? Why are you dragging me in this forest that I have never been in before?”
The cat said, “What you did to my cats is very mean, and do you want to get out of this forest?”
“You need to do a task that will take you a week to complete.”
“But that is too long!!!”
“Do you want to get out of this forest?”
“Ok, then let’s get to my house, and I will provide you with something to eat.” When they got there, Lucy was amazed at how big the cat’s house was. It was like a mansion. When they went in, Lucy gasped.
“This is my house,” said the cat.
“Oh my gosh! It’s so big, and it smells good here!”
“Yes. I am not an ordinary cat. I am a cat that can speak, cook, play instruments, and dance.”
“I will show you around.”
“Ok!” So the cat showed Lucy around. When they got to her room, Lucy asked,
“What is your name?”
“My name is Mia.”
“That’s cute!”
“Let me introduce you to your room.” Lucy’s room was a very big room. When Mia was making Lucy dinner, she sat down on the biggest sofa there was. When dinner was ready, Lucy scrambled to the dinner table and ate as fast as she could.

Mia reminded, “You shouldn’t eat too fast. And what’s your name?”
“Nice name!”
“Thanks, Mia!” After they were done eating, they watched a little TV and went to bed. The bed was so comfortable that Lucy fell asleep right away.

Chapter 2
When Lucy woke up, she went straight to breakfast. It was pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. After she was done, she asked, “What are we gonna do now that we ate?”
“We are going to practice Archery.”
“Cool, but why Archery?”
“That is the task you are going to be doing. You are going to be in a tournament. You have to win in Archery, or you will have to stay in this land forever.”
“Oh, no! Well, I do like it here. But I need to get back to my family. Wait! That reminds me! My parents are probably REALLY worried about me!!”
“ Lucy, this world takes no time at all. When you get back, people are still going to be walking from school.”
“ Cool!!!”
“So even if I live here for hmm… Maybe a year? Will it still be the same?”
“Well…” Later that day, Mia was teaching Lucy archery.
“Ugh! I just need to get that bullseye!
“It takes practice to get a bullseye.”
“Ok, I’ll try one more time.
“I knew you would get one someday.”
“Oh, I’m so happy.”
“Let’s take a break, Lucy.”
“Ok! Mia?”
“Can I touch you?”
“Oh my gosh.” YOUR SO SOFT!!!”
“I am the softest cat in this world.”
“Wow, Mia! What is this place called?”
“The Green Land.”
“Why– Ohhh. I get it! This world is all green!”
“My, it’s getting late. Let’s go inside and eat.”
“Ok.” After they ate, Lucy asked,
“Why are you wearing that necklace?”

Chapter 3

Mia explained why.
“So if it falls off, you will become a normal cat? And if I put it back on, you will be magical again?”
“Yes. Try it out! But put it back on.”
“Ok.” Lucy took the necklace off. Mia sat there for a second. Then she started to meow like she was very mad. She put it back on immediately, and once again, she sat there and said,
“What did I do?”
“You started to meow like you were very mad!”
“That’s normal.”
“Ok. I got scared for a moment.”
“We should practice Archery.” They walked to the valleys where they normally practice.
“Ok, I need a bullseye this time.”
“YES!!!” Lucy got a bullseye five times in a row.
“Lucy. This is telling me that you are in a high level in Archery. You will win.”
“You mean it?”
“I don’t mean it. I know it. I can see in your future that you will win.

To Be Continued…

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“The Magical Cat by Fuyu M.”

  1. November 5th, 2020 at 1:50 am      Reply Señora Haggquist Says:

    Fuyu, I am so curious about how Mia became a magical cat and how long she will keep Lucy in Green Land. Very imaginative story!

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